Our Services

By Land, Sea or Air:

World Express Cargo, Inc., is an American owned and operated international freight forwarding company located in Houston, Texas since 1983.  With agents on the East and West coasts of the United States as well as Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, South America and Central America, World Express Cargo Inc. provides a wide array of global transportation services.

Whether break-bulk, container or project cargo, we have the expertise and resources to transport your goods from port to port, or factory to job site.  Whatever the requirements, from a single piece of oilfield equipment to bagged cargo to an entire drilling rig, World Express Cargo, Inc.  will coordinate and execute your cargo movement in a cost effective and timely fashion.

Oversized freight, a remote job site or rush shipments, we’ve got the solutions to your most complex transportation problems.  Shipping to Dubai, Rotterdam or Rio de Janeiro?  World Express Cargo, Inc.  will provide full service logistics no matter where your cargo is destined.

We Offer So Much More:

We understand the transportation business and the time factor and know how to make the two work together.  We go well beyond transporting cargo worldwide.  Whether it’s break-bulk, container or project cargo, we focus on ensuring that  your cargo movement will go in an orderly and timely fashion.  That’s why many large companies have chosen us a primary supplier of expert, cost-effective freight services.

Your Success Is Our Success:

We want to form a partnership, so our primary goal is to make sure you meet your goals.  You will find our enthusiastic staff and creative solutions will pay immediate dividends.  Your partnership with World Express Cargo, Inc.  will pay off for you in the long term.  No matter how your needs change, we can adapt to meet them.

Whether you’re a local firm or a nation wide company, World Express Cargo, Inc. has the experience, expertise and flexibility to meet all your cargo and freight needs.  Call us today and together we’ll embark on an exciting quest to help you get the most from your export and import investment.